Nokan joululounas 7.-21.12.2023 / Nokka Christmas Lunch 7.-21.12.2023

Significant promoter of Finnish food culture

Restaurant Nokka, which has been operating in Helsinki’s Katajanokka district for 20 years now, has always been a vanguard on the city’s restaurant scene.

Many recall Nokka from its numerous restaurant industry awards; for others the name rings a bell through chef Ari’s stunts, such as Nokka’s own personal fisherman, or the cooking classes for kindergarteners. Some remember the vivid and precise recipe stories published in the monthly supplement of the city’s main newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, where creations and ingredients from Nokka’s kitchen were presented with care to many Finns.   
Stunts aside, Nokka has first and foremost based its pride on two decades of serving up top Finnish food — while using only wild fish and game meat, foraged mushrooms and berries, responsibly grown organic ingredients, innovative cuisine, and always with considerate service – from start to finish.
“There was once again such a great lively atmosphere this past weekend, we are far from the stiff mood of ceremonial fine dining”, said Ari Ruoho in the midst of the morning preparations. “We welcome our guests to come and enjoy themselves, and we promise to take good care of each and every hungry visitor.” 
Nokka was founded in 2002 with the idea of stretching the vision of a restaurant into something much wider and deeper. 
”Nokka is a significant promoter of Finnish food culture,” sums up restaurant manager Terhi Vitikka.